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Memberships with the IAO-IP provides you or your organization with training, resources, opportunities and skills needed to develop your business or career. Members are kept up to date with the latest in innovation and can demonstrate, through certification, that they are the elite in their profession. 

Membership Benefits

Professional Members

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The highest level of membership which offers the greatest value and prestige to those who choose to join us is the Professional Member. It shows your commitment to innovation and to your association. Your Professional Membership entitles you to the highest levels of rights and privileges available.
Individual membership also includes free access (valued at over $500 U.S.D. per year) to the International Journal of Innovation Science, a quarterly publication dedicated to understanding innovation methodologies. This membership provides the greatest value for those who wish to take advantage of all that IAOIP has to offer. It is the best value for those who intend to consume webinars, conferences, and courses in InnovAcademy – our on-demand innovation learning system.

Entrepreneur Members

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Corporate Members demonstrate that their organization, department, or team is committed to innovation best practices and dedicated to innovation.
Organizational membership ensures that your employees are exposed to the highest of standards in innovation theory, tools, and practice.
Corporate Members demonstrates to the world that their organization, department, or team is committed to innovation best practices and dedicated to the furtherance of innovation. Membership enables organizations to improve their performance and their practice through the use of sound innovation management tools. Corporate memberships allow organizations to enroll several of their employees as members.

Associate Membership is a trial opportunity for membership in the IAIOP – it is not a long-term solution for serious innovation practitioners.
Associate Membership does not carry the same prestige, nor does it receive the same rights, privileges, benefits or opportunities for IAOIP participation and leadership as a Professional Membership.
As an Associate Member you’re eligible to become a certified innovation practitioner, signifying that you have demonstrated substantial understanding of innovation practice and you’re qualified to drive innovation in your industry.

As a Student Member you’re kept up-to-date with current practice, but importantly IAOIP supports your professional development for a career in innovation.
The validity of the IAOIP certification provides our student members with advanced knowledge and legitimacy from your competitors in in the area of innovation. Membership ensures you’re equipped for the jobs you want. Our Career Center provides our members with the opportunity to search the latest jobs in innovation.