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Creatively Funding Research And Discoveries

Joe Jilka, Ph.D. That federal government funding of basic research has been held at steady levels or is only slightly increasing is now a fact of life. Researchers in turn have had to become increasingly creative in seeking funding.  Unrelated with this trend,...

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Your IAOIP June 2018 Newsletter

Thank you for your continued membership in IAOIP. We are excited to bring you your June 2018 update of what is going on in your association and how you can get the most of your membership! We recommend you login to IAOIP to be able to view all of the links in the...

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National Geographic – Chasing Genious

From National Geographic to IAOIP: National Geographic’s CHASING GENIUS. It is built on the premise that transformational ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. We are currently soliciting ideas—big and small—around three critical issues: sustainable...

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Meet Dana Landry!

Dana Landry is from the hot and steamy bayous and swamps of south Louisiana in the USA who is recovering from a near 40 year career in the medical device industry. Before you ask he does not have the Cajun accent commonly portrayed in movies though other...

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The Art and Science of Innovation by Dana Landry

We often hear this phrase “art and science” of innovation. Indeed there are now many efforts reported globally that are dedicated to the concept. While these efforts are laudable in themselves and represent the finest in human spirit and efforts to join...

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