From National Geographic to IAOIP:

National Geographic’s CHASING GENIUS. It is built on the premise that transformational ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. We are currently soliciting ideas—big and small—around three critical issues: sustainable planetglobal health, and feeding 9 billion. We will provide $25,000 to each of four winners to develop their ideas further.  

I’m hoping you might be willing to spread the word about our CHASING GENIUS Challenge to your community of innovation professionals. We want to reach people who have ideas that are just waiting to be unleashed and that can create positive impact on the world. We are accepting submissions through July 31st. 

Outreach, through an email or announcement to your members, would be greatly appreciated! Sample posts and assets can be found here: https://goo.gl/o57oh6.

Derrick Owens

Outreach Coordinator

National Geographic—Chasing Genius