IAOIP and ISO TC279 / ISO 56000 – Innovation Management Technical Advisory Group

The International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP) has been chosen as the  U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Administrator for the development of the new Innovation Management Standards. The scope of ISO TC 279 / ISO 56000 is “Standardization of terminology tools and methods and interactions between relevant parties to enable innovation.”


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Standards published will be ISO 56000 series. These Standards, once developed, will allow organizations to share their best practices in Innovation Management, and will facilitate collaboration as well as develop the capability to innovate, and to bring innovations successfully to market. These standards will be a set of best practices, which begins with senior management leadership involving the confirmation of the organization’s strategy. The standard is designed to support innovation in organizations, and work on the development of standards is done by working groups (WGs), each of which deals with a particular field. The first set is to be released in December 2018, followed by the remaining four sets in 2019 and 2020; the current US TAG Working Groups and Chairs/Co-Chairs are as follows:

  • ISO/TC 279/WG 1 (ISO/CD 50501): Innovation Management Systems: Sid Ahmed Benraoune
  • ISO/TC 279/WG 2 (ISO/CD 50500): Technology, Terminology and Definitions: Bill Craddock
  • ISO/TC 279/WG 3 (ISO/CD 56005): Innovation Tools and Methods – IP & Trademarks: Frank Voehl
  • ISO/TC 279/WG 4 (ISO/CD 50502): H. James Harrington and Doug Nelson
  • ISO/TC 279/WG 05: Idea Management: Rick Fernandez
  • Coordinating Council: TAG Design Team: Frank Voehl

This means we will be involving the main players from our target sector (public and private) so that the input of key players is considered and incorporated into the final version of the five-part Innovation Management Standards. Broad participation will allow us to develop clear rules and standards on all issues involving innovation.

Advantages for IAOIP Members

Our members will benefit from our leadership and participation in this process are as follows:

  • Gives visibility to your professional practices or reference documents, as ISO is one of the most highly recognized international governing bodies for standards.
  • Helps us shape the future direction of standards regarding innovation management, thereby influencing its impact on the U.S. and targeted sectors around the world.
  • Allows us to develop deeper relationships with key players within a profession or sector.
  • Creates understanding and co-ordination among our various stakeholders.
  • Shares best practice in and across sectors, and in and across participating ISO countries.
  • Improves quality and interoperability in and across sectors and participating ISO countries.
  • Leads to worldwide visibility due to ISO members’ distribution and implementation networks.
  • Helps us develop a members-only forum to communicate using, for example, a dedicated web site.
  • Connects us with other world-class organizations.
  • Gives us an inside track on developing International Workshop Agreements (IWAs).

Additional Information

  • US TAG members must be citizens of the United States, or residing and working for a U.S. company.
  • The Association can assist other countries interested in participating in the development of country TAG.


All members of the TAG will be expected to adhere to the “Code of Ethics”.

You can find out more by contacting:
Secretariat: Brett Trusko – brett@iaoip.org
Chair: Frank Voehl – fvoehl@aol.com
Vice Chair: Rick Fernandez – rick.r.fernandez@gmail.com

You may apply to become a member of this TAG by filling out the form at https://www.iaoipmember.org/?page=US_ISO_279

Members of the TAG are:
– Dan Ault, City of Cary, North Carolina
– Sid Ahmed Benraouane, University of Minnesota
– Thomas Brazil, ICS Inc.
– Suzan E. Briganti, Swarm Vision
– Bartlett Cleland, Innovation Economy Alliance
– Doug Collins, Spigit Inc.
– Edward Elliott, US Patent and Trademark Office
– Gary Farina, Michigan STEM Partnership
– Ricardo R. Fernandez, Advent Group, Inc.
– Robert Gilbert, CCI Consulting
– Dawn Gregory, Atlanta International Airport
– Rick Hall, Arizona State University
– Shellie Halstead, Lee County School District
– H. James Harrington, Harrington Group
– Thomas Haynes, Luxo Consulting
– Anne Keehn, Quantum Thinking
– Patrick Kilbride, US Chamber of Commerce, Global Innovation Policy Center
– Check Mignosa, Business Systems Architects, LLC
– Doug Nelson, Harrington Management Systems
– Irina Nowak, Raytheon
– Michael O’Connor, Medtronic
– Joseph ODonnell, Strategy Associates, Inc.
– Fernando Pintos, GoToIT Solutions
– David Plumer, Organizational Strategies, Inc.
– Rick Rasmussen, University of California, Berkeley
– Kent Roberts, National Civility Center
– Carol Rogers, Strategy Associates
– Robin Rowe, Venture Hollywood
– Alexander Rumsey, Percepta
– Brett Trusko, International Association of Innovation Professionals
– Chris Voehl, Seven Solutions, Inc.
– Frank Voehl, Strategy Associates, Inc.
– Abram Walton, Florida Institute of Technology

You can also visit the ISO 279 official site at https://www.iso.org/committee/4587737.html.