Sustained Competitive Advantage

When innovation is unpredictable, so is growth. The gap in economic value creation between those who can identify and capitalize on new opportunities and those who cannot is growing disproportionately. Of the world’s 6,000 largest public and private organizations, 10% are capturing 80% of the economic profit, with a mere 58 of those firms accounting for 6% of the total profit. Staggeringly, over 95% of new product innovations and 50% of product improvement initiatives fail, with only 3,000 out of 1.5 million U.S. patents being commercially viable. This means 99.8% of those patent efforts consume resources, but fail in the market.  Winning organizations are those that level-up their ability to create predictable and sustainable competitive advantage by strategically and systematically implementing proven innovation methodologies that execute on the most innovative and profitable opportunities.

The ISO 56000 Innovation Management System Standards provide proven tools and methodologies to make innovation predictable, measurable, and repeatable. These standards are the culmination of hundreds of studies performed over a decade of research and is the collaborative work of the best minds across the world. Thought leaders from ISO’s 164 national standards bodies will convene in Melbourne, FL, to continue their discussions on driving global innovation management standards.

In the US alone over 80% of the $550 billon of government spending on goods and services are required to come from organizations that are compliant to quality certification standards such as ISO 9001. With the formal publication of the ISO 56000 standards on Innovation Management Systems being imminent, it is likely that ISO 56000 will become an auditable standard in the near future.

The race has already begun for organizations to preemptively adopt and implement these standards.  You have the unique opportunity to shape and support this important work, and benefit from being part of the conversation.

The ISO 56000 Innovation Management World Congress – supported by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Innovation Policy Center (GIPC) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) – is being hosted by the International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP). The IAOIP is the only ANSI and ISO-recognized global certifying body for innovation professionals (with more than 3,000 members in over 120 countries), and is the sole secretariat for the United States for the ISO Innovation Management standards.

Who will be in attendance?

  • Officially designated delegates, Technical Advisory Group (TAG) members, and official observers: some of the best minds in the world on Innovation Management
  • Prospects for joining the TAG: those that wish to have a voice and vote can either join as TAG members or come in to observe before deciding whether or not to join the TAG (a great opportunity for FedGov/DoD Acquisition Officials, Innovation Program leaders, etc.)
  • Board members of the IAOIP: many world-renowned innovation practitioners, educators, authors, and innovation scientists

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We look forward to seeing you there!

International Standards Organization

ISO is an independent, non-governmental international organization that brings together experts to share knowledge and develop voluntary, consensus-based, market-relevant International Standards that support innovation and provide solutions to global challenges. Standards enable best practices on a level playing field. Since 1946, ISO has published over 22,571 International Standards on almost all aspects of technology and manufacturing.

International Association of Innovation Professionals

The IAOIP, with over 3,000 members in over 100 countries, is the world’s only ISO-related body of innovation professionals and the only U.S. Organization officially designated by ANSI and ISO to serve as the Technical Advisory Group on Innovation Management Systems. IAOIP provides ISO-aligned innovation certifications and professional preparation programs and is continuing to transform the U.S. innovation efforts by serving as one of the leaders in the international community and by being selected to host the ISO 56000 International Working Groups meeting in Melbourne, FL.

Florida Institute of Technology

FIT is focused on the relentless pursuit of greatness, and their mission is to provide high-quality education to a culturally diverse student body in order to prepare students for entering the global workforce, seeking higher education opportunities, and serving within their communities. As stewards of the future of education, with access to immense intellectual resources, FIT has a leading role to play in ensuring that the new economy and the standards for innovation management work for everyone.

Sponsor the evolution

Abram Walton, PhD., CPI-DT, CMI-ClO, Director

Center of Innovation Management & Business Analytics

Florida Institute of Technology

+1 (321) 674-7494

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World Congress Supported by:

U.S. Chamber of Commerce : Global innovation Policy Center (GIPC)

American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

Standards Enable Competitiveness in the International Marketplace

Innovation is not just big inventions, it is an organization’s capability to detect and respond to changing conditions, respond to new opportunities, and maximize its return on investment. Standards create the foundation for successful innovation. Having a voice in setting these standards provides a competitive advantage and is critical to remaining a top player in the world marketplace. ISO 56000 – Innovation Management System Standards involve the worldwide specification and adoption of critical innovation standards, such as Intellectual Property Rights, Strategic Innovation Partnerships, and Innovation Metrics and Assessment Frameworks. Failure to take a leadership role in setting standards can drive a distinct disadvantage in the world marketplace. Take the case where German steel became the world standard for manufacturing dental apparati, leaving all other steel out of this market. Imagine the consequences of failing to ensure a level playing field in this day of technological advancement enabled by IP rights and innovation.

Are Your Organizational Systems and Workforce Ready to Drive Innovation?

Unlike traditional invention, which merely turns cash into ideas, innovation turns ideas into cash. The U.S.P.T.O. stated that “In truth, odds are stacked astronomically against inventors, and no marketing outfit can [help] them. There are around 1.5 million patents in effect and in force in this country, and of those, maybe 3,000 are commercially viable” (>.03%). Ineffective innovation practices leave growth to chance, the odds of coming up with a solution that meets customers’ needs and profitably gains market traction are less than one in a million, directly impacting corporations’ abilities to maintain competitive advantage. However, studies show that the Science of Innovation and those certified professionals and organizations that relentlessly pursue its execution have yielded results over the last 10 years that have maintained significant stock market advantage, outperforming the S&P by an extraordinary 219%.

Are You Reaching the Standard of Professionalism in Innovation?

Professional innovation preparation and certifications have arrived. Over a decade of studies show that, in for-profit firms, over 95% of new product innovations and over 50% of product improvement initiatives fall, and of 2,347 $1 B+ market cap companies, only 10 grew 5% or more for 10 straight years. With DoD and University R&D among the two largest consumers of public money, the numbers are even worse for governmental funding of innovation. It is no wonder, that just as governments have required ‘Professional Project Managers’ to lead government-funded projects, we are witnessing other nations requiring ‘Certified Professional Innovators’ be involved in leading innovation projects in order to ensure an appropriate return on public dollars and an increase in successful outcomes. Organizations are seeking the same level of proven knowledge in innovation as they do in project management – preferring certifications by IAOIP as a not-for-profit global body in over 120 countries, following ISO certification standards

Become a Sponsor and Join us in Designing the Future of Innovation

While all investments options bear a certain risk, investing in innovation without proven strategic innovation tools and methods is an unnecessary risk to bear. For the first time ever, the ISO-based international congress of thought leaders on Innovation Management Systems and standards will be coming to the U.S. ; which will be hosted by the Center for Innovation Management & Business Analytics at FIT and the ISO Secretariat IAOIP. Join us in welcoming these International Delegates as we help shape the future of Innovation Management Standards. Partners will learn about world-class innovation methods, build international relationships and partnerships, and promote the best and brightest of what the U.S., Florida, and our beautiful Space Coast have to offer. Be part of building a foundation that will yield residual value for our local, regional, and national organizations in driving innovation for years to come.