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Doug Collins

Idea Management

Management of ideas is a critical component of any innovation program. Critical components in the management of ideas are discussed in this section.
Magnus Penker

Innovation Metrics

Measuring the innovation capabilities of yours and other organizations will be addressed in this talk.
Innovating In Government

What’s next in government innovation?

Amy Wilson, Dr. Andrew Maxwell, Jonah J. Czerwinski, Dawn Gregory, Captain Steven D. Lauver, Christer Bergman
Langdon Morris

Driving Innovation with Blockchain

Learn to incentivize and reward your team to encourage their contributions of discretionary efforts aimed at innovative outcomes.
Janice Omadeke, Elizabeth Lindsey, Kirsten Trusko, Kevin Morgan & Kia Scipio

Diversity and Inclusion

By encouraging and cultivating diversity and inclusion in innovation, organizations are reaping the benefits through different ideas, perspectives and more.
Cheryl Strauss Einhorn

The Legacy Organization is Dead: Long Live Innovation

Whether you invent or purchase your innovation, legacy systems make it difficult to be successful. Learn how successful companies change.
Jinnyn Jacob, Dom Bonaduce, Jason Brewster, Dimitra Hatzudis, C’Pher Gresham

Building Innovation Spaces

How do you build spaces for innovation to thrive? Learn from incubators, accelerators, and innovation labs on how they use physical spaces, technology and cultural initiatives to enable a culture of innovation.
Dr. Darrel Sandall, Laura Yu & Kaitlynn Mosier Booz Allen Hamilton

Aligning Innovation with Strategy

Learn how to effectively align strategy with innovation.
Brian Buckley

Leaders and Champions

Incorporating innovation professionals into the leadership fabric of your organization.
Dawn Gregory

Open Innovation

The city of Atlanta has identified an ambitious project aimed at building the metroplex. The various pieces and parts of this ambitious project are discussed.
Dr. Abram Walton, Nagesh Rao, Peter Gardner & Brian Buckley

Building an Innovation Ecosystem

The Innovation Ecosystem is the internal structure versus, open innovation as an external system. Learn the components of the internal ecosystem.
Neville Thompson


The choice of which innovations to pursue is a critical factor influencing a company’s ability to innovate successfully and yet most organizations struggle with how and when to make the decision to cut .
Nicole Lach, Maia Sciupac


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