ICS Chief Digital Officer, Thomas Brazil, Joins the IAOIP Board of Directors

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Montgomery, AL – February 22, 2019–The Board of Directors of the International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP) has elected Thomas Brazil, Chief Digital Officer of Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS), Inc., to IAOIP’s board of directors.

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In addition to his role as Chief Digital Officer, Brazil serves as Chief Innovation Officer of the ICS Joint Venture, Red Team Engineering.  Brazil was a featured speaker at the 2019 Innova-Con conference in Washington, D.C., with his presentation entitled “Managing Innovation for the DoD: Building the Right Innovation Portfolio.”

 Dr. Brett Trusko, President & CEO of IAOIP said, “On behalf of the board of directors, we are excited to bring someone of Tom’s caliber to our board. His depth and breadth of experience in innovation and organizational management will be incredibly valuable as we work towards continued growth, and in our endeavors with ISO to bring forth the standards of Innovation Management. We look forward to his contributions.”

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“It is an honor to be elected to the board of the IAOIP,” said Brazil. “The IAOIP is the world’s largest body of innovation professionals, and the world’s only certifying body. The work IAOIP is doing to help create the global ISO 505000 Standards of Innovation Management is of the utmost importance, and I am excited to be part of such a prestigious and rapidly-growing organization that is dedicated to the advancement of the world’s innovation professionals.”

 Also certified in Innovation Management by the IAOIP, Tom is responsible helping ICS adjust to the disruptive, fast-paced evolutions occurring in the era of digital business and helping ICS clients achieve their digital transformation and innovation objectives.

 About the International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAIOP)

With over 3000 members in 100+ countries, the International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP) is theworld’s only innovation certification body, providing members with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities to deliver real change in their industry or field. IAOIP is the only U.S. TAG (technical advisory group) for ISO 279, which will formalize the Standards of Innovation Management for ISO 50500. These Standards, once developed, will allow organizations to share their best practices in Innovation Management, and will facilitate collaboration as well as develop the capability to innovate, and to bring innovations successfully to market. To learn more about IAOIP, visit www.iaoip.org.  

 About Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS) is a full-service information technology and IT security consulting and professional services firm headquartered in Montgomery, AL with operating locations throughout the United States.  Established in 1997, as a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB), ICS provides a robust portfolio of technology and information security services that combine a comprehensive strategy with cutting edge security. Our services provide a balance of cost and quality that enables our clients to maximize their return on IT investments.   ICS has an established track record of providing enterprise technology and security services to a wide range of Federal, State, and Fortune 1000 clients.  ICS has been recognized as a leader in Innovation Management and was the first company in the State of Alabama to certify staff through the IAOIP. 


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