IAOIP.org, Certified Innovation Professional – onsite trainings and tests at Money2020

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For immediate release… IAOIP.org, Certified Innovation Professional – onsite trainings and tests at Money2020. NEW Member Site

Innovation is a word thrown around loosely – it’s become more of a marketing term than a true descriptor or a person, product or organization.

So in innovation – how do you “prove it”?  3 years ago the founding CEO of IAOIP was the editor of the International Journal of Innovation Science. He was approached by many senior business leaders asking him to refer them to a certification program or test they could administer to new hire prospects, and existing staff wanting to move to an innovation role.  “We’ve burnt several millions dollars in recruiting, hiring and integrating “innovators”.  They stay for a few years,  start up something that fails, or flop at an “innovation relaunch – and we have to start over…2 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in the hole from having made a bad hire or transfer”.

This was an inspiration in founding IAOIP (www. IAOIP.org) – International Association of Innovation Professionals in 2013 – an association to serve as a collaboration and education platform for global innovation professionals. IAOIP now boasts membership of 300 from 27 countries, all with (or seeking to gain) expertise, experience and desire to educate, collaborate, and drive progress in meaningful innovation – domestically or internationally.

A key offering of IAOIP is certifications. (https://iaoip.org/certification/).  These are developed via collaboration across industry academia, and government – a global collective vs a single organization or consulting firm. Members, as individuals and organizations, join working groups to jointly contribute to the creation, edit and evolution of a certification (https://iaoip.org/BodyofKnowledge/) – which are then ever reviewed to evolve to meet the changing needs of society, economies, and global organizations.

Any organization or individual seeking to drive or contribute to meaningful innovation can join IAOIP.  For certification, Members register to take the certification test, and may choose training  on the body of knowledge for that test . Upon passing, members gain the CIP (Certified International Professional), a certificate, are listed on the website, and CPE hours are tracked

Partnering is a foundational tenet at IAOIP, including expanding ways for Members to gain certification, education, and earn CPE credits. IAOIP seeks to actively partner to support others’ events – to build their attendance via media relationships, and in offering certification exams onsite. One such event is Money2020 in October in Las Vegas (www.money2020.com).  Use this code (iaoip250) for a registration discount. If you’re interested in an in-person certification test in Las Vegas on Oct 28th or 29th, please email Brett@IAOIP.org, with “certify at Money2020” in the subject line.  If enough are interested, we’ll set up a proctored exam (vs taking it online at your leisure). If you are also interested in a training session prior to the test, please add ‘training’ to the subject line for the email to Brett.

Go to IAOIP.org to learn more about this not-for-profit driving collaboration, education, and certification in global innovation.  Connect! Collaborate! Create! Certify!


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