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What We Offer Our Members


Innovation education is at your fingertips with InnovAcademy. Learn at your own pace and get a certificate of completion when finished. Over 30 course are available with more being added.


IAOIP has 5 innovation certifications you can achieve which follow ISO standards. Achieving certification is a public, visible endorsement of an individual’s ability to apply the principals of innovation.


We’ve curated the best news feed to deliver up-to-date innovation news as it breaks. Be sure to bookmark this page – it’s a great way to stay informed of the latest information.


Our career center features up-to-date jobs in the innovation field. We are excited to bring these to our members. Dues paying members enjoy access to job postings 3 days prior to all others.


IAOIP is the US TAG for ISO 279, which is part of the global group setting the standards for ISO 56000: Innovation Management Standards. Professional Members have an opportunity to join us.


IAOIP has 3 levels of individual membership and 2 organizational memberships available. We invite you to join our community. Over 3000 worldwide professionals choose IAOIP – join us.

About Us

With over 3000 members in 100+ countries, the International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP) is the world’s only Innovation Certification Body compliant with ISO 17024 as a certifying body, and fully networked community to deliver Innovation tools and collaboration across nations, industries, governments, and academia.   IAOIP’s Innovation Certifications validate that the holder has the proven tools to drive meaningful innovation and the related results and successes in their organization, community, and world.   IAOIP’s Academy platform provides members with the latest in innovation training.    IAOIP is the only US TAG group for ISO 56000 (Innovation Management Systems) – developing and driving the global Standards in innovation – setting the bar for Innovation going forward.  Join the organization driving  global Innovation, Certifications, and networked community!

ISO 17024 Accrediation Compilant as a certifying body
ISO 279 Innovation Management System Accrediated as Technical Advisory Board
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Peer Reviewed Innovation Journal
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