Innovation and creativity for executives who believe they are not

You’re a seasoned executive with keen market instincts. You’ve heard about Design Thinking. You’ve been told it’s critical for driving innovation and you understand it in your head. Now come experience it hands-on. Maybe you are a banker, broker, lawyer, accountant or administrator who knows that innovation and creativity are important, but you just aren’t sure you are either innovative or creative.

This workshop will immerse C-Level Executives in the iterative process that is Design Thinking. Activate your imagination and take creative risks as you develop solutions to individual and collaborative challenges. Then, step back and gain insight into why an innovation culture is critical for your business’s success and the role executive leadership plays in cultivating that success. Shift your approach. Discover Art-Ex.

Our team, with professional experience in the fine art, design, and business innovation worlds, will provide participants with a hybrid perspective on Design Thinking that respects both creative freedom and the structured bottom line.

This is a one day, 8-hour workshop in a unique setting in lower Manhattan, New York City, followed by an opportunity to network at the private bar. This event will be limited to 20 executives, so register early.



The workshop will be taught by:

Brett Trusko (InnovAcademy, IAOIP)

Eric K. Daniels & Richard Bressani (Thinkshift)

Peter Kubilus (Kubilus Architectural Photography)


When:             Thursday October 17, 2019

Where:            Lower Manhattan Loft Space

Contact:          Brett Trusko    brett@iaoip.org


Continental breakfast and catered lunch will be provided. At the completion of the workshop we will debrief and collect feedback from all attendees. Seats are limited to the 20 registrants.

This is a one day, 8-hour workshop in a unique setting in lower Manhattan, NYC, focusing on you the individual and you the team.

  • Focusing on you the creative and you the executive,
  • Engage with your creativity as you solve collaborative challenges,
  • Explore the ideate, prototype, test and implement stages of the design thinking process
    through hands-on challenges,
  • Discover new strategies for empowering the creative teams you lead and the corporate
    culture you foster, and
  • Share leadership challenges with other executives

    If you have any questions about this workshop, contact Brett Trusko at brett@iaoip.org.

    Workshop Agenda

    The workshop will be highly interactive, so dress casually and prepare to be to be enlightened.

    • Creativity and Me
    • Collaboration and Creativity
    • Creative Teaming


    Richard Bressani has always been interested in making our everyday experiences more meaningful. His background in both design and social science has enhanced his ability to guide clients through the design thinking process.  Richard holds a Masters of Science in Interior Design from Pratt Institute, and both a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Art from the University of Washington.

    Eric K. Daniels is a licensed architect and graduate of Pratt Institute School of Architecture. He’s been running his own architecture and interior design firm for 18 years and utilizes the design thinking process with clients to develop meaningful environments. He is an Associate Professor and former Chair of the Interior Design Department at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City, where he co-developed and continues to teach the first Art & Design Minor in Design Thinking in the Jay & Patty Baker School of Business & Technology. Eric presented his academic work Disruption by Design at the INNOVA-CON Conference at the US Chamber of Commerce, Washington, DC in January 2019, which was published in the IAOIP book Disruption: Preparing for Tomorrow: Conference Proceedings of Innova-Con 2019, May 2019.

    Peter Kubilus is a professional architectural photographer. For over ten years he has worked closely with architects, interior designers, contractors, and design professionals photographing their work here in New York City and across the United States. Architectural photography is very technical while it allows you to be creative with geometry, light, and color. His extensive knowledge of architecture allows him to translate the designers’ work into a single cohesive portfolio. Peter has photographed a range of work that includes residential, commercial, educational and institutional, architectural product, and lighting. His award winning work has been featured and published extensively in- print and online. He has lectured about business in the arts at Drexel University.

    Dr. Brett Trusko has been a Managing Director at a global top five consulting firm in process design. He holds or has held academic appointments at New York University, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Texas A&M University, Baylor College of Medicine, The University of San Francisco, Golden Gate University and Symbiosis Institute for Business Management (Pune, India).   He is the Founder, President and CEO of the International Association of Innovation Professionals, the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Innovation Science and Secretariat to ISO 279 (Innovation Management Systems), for the United States delegation. He speaks globally and works with large governments on innovation policy.He has written six books on innovation and is currently working on his new book “Sex Wasn’t Invented in Silicon Valley”.